Is Cloud computing only for big enterprises?

Is Cloud computing only for big enterprises?

Cloud computing namely AWS, Azure, GCP are the buzz words in IT world. But, Is Cloud only for large enterprises?

Its a myth. Cloud computing can be leveraged by SMEs to efficiently run IT operations.

In an average, SMEs using cloud services grows faster than those counterparts, who use no cloud tools.

Here are the reasons why SMEs should move their IT to cloud.

Fast to Market

Business adopting Cloud tools and technologies helps rapid time-to-market and therefore enhances SMEs competitive strengths in the market.

Flexible IT

Cloud promotes sustainability of SMEs by enabling them to make the most of limited resources. Cloud reduces up-front capital investment and provides access to otherwise inaccessible specialist technology talent. With cloud-based services, it’s easy to scale up or scale down services and hence, improving their overall IT operational efficiency.

Data Recovery

Losing data and resulting downtime would be a nightmare for any orga- nization. Any kind of data disaster hits SMEs very hard. As managing data is a critical task, SMEs have to spend considerable time and money to maintain the data. Since cloud data storage is decentralized, its actually much safer than on-site storage. Even if you experience difficulty in re- trieving data, data recovery is easy and quick with cloud tools.

Work from Anywhere

With cloud computing, the applications are accessibly either through web browsers or mobile applications. Hence, this makes an ideal case for SMEs to harness the capability to server the customers better.

IT Cost Reduction

With Cloud based services, Small & Medium businesses can choose pay-as-you-go cloud services based on their IT need. Moreover, cloud also offloads server maintenance and security to cloud provider. If you are a Start-up or a small business, without any further thought, plan to adapt to the effective cloud services today!

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